havnt been on a long while it seems like.........

Well life has been interesting lately...... been getting stalked by my ex he wont leave me alone. I have blocked him from almost every way he could contact me online but some how he still finds ways to find me. calls the house phone cuz he doesnt have my cell number weirdo. And now a couple times he has gone to the lengths of trying to get my friends passwords on facebook and myspace so he can check up on me.... This has gone too far its so flippin creepy. but he moved to texas to be with his family not long after i left him thank god that was the best news i have ever gotten i literally screamed with joy when i was told.  he keeps trying to find someone who will give their passwords mainly by ppl we are both friends with but everyone who he knows thats on my friends list like me better and are better freinds with me so i dont know what makes him think they will give it to him i think he has lost his mind. He says im crazy bull shit hes the psycho stalker. Tryin to check up on me which well hello its not your business anymore i left you for a reason..................... anyways i have several new crushes i dont need to say the names one knows who he is........ the other i just got reunited with and ow ow he is so hott.. sexy bitch. so yeah thats about it for now . Love ya's


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